Vandersteen 7s

First review I have read is from Fremer, and its glowing. Wish I had the space and cash to even consider a purchase. Have others heard these?
Fremer,fremer,fremer.Does his endorsement make everything a "must have"? I would think Mr.Vandersteen's speakers could speak for themselves.
I understand original 5A owners will be able to upgrade (almost) their 7' drivers and electronics, but same cabinet. I was told the result is about 80% of the 7's.
Unfortunately, I have not heard the 7s as yet. However, all of the reviews and comments from CES seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. I believe only a couple pairs of the 7s currently exist, as Richard is still gearing up for production, so it may still be a while before they get out to dealers and customers. The 7s should have a similar sound to the 5As (as they share basically the same design), and its hard to imagine in what dimensions they will be better.

I thought this was one of Fremer's better reviews. It was quite well focused, straightforward and well written. The discussion about adjusting the speaker to match his preferences in his room was very revealing of advantage of the contouring controls. I was also pleased that he stuck to the review and managed not to drift off subject with seemingly unrelated storytelling.
I heard them after listening to a set-up with Wilson Sashas and the 7s (IMHO) blew them away. obviously different everything, front end + amlification-wise, but I am lusting now in a bad way...
they just seemed far more 'human', made the Wilsons seem artificial-sounding (and I own sophias...) - not an easy thing to do.