Vandersteen Amp?

I've seen pictures on line of the new Vandersteen M7-HPA. It's a hybrid amp putting out 600 watts as I recall but designed to only play above the 100 Hz frequency levels. It's intended to pair with his speakers utilizing a powered sub, especially the Model 7 I would think. Projected price $35,000-$40,000.

The pictures I've seen look like a pure prototype. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with these monoblocks in operational form? It sounds like an interesting concept, eliminating the need for the high pass filter between the pre amp and amp. Still, it's significantly more costly than the Ayre MX-r and the Audio Research Ref 250s both which work very well with the Vandersteen speakers. Will this be worth the price for a manufacturer's first step into the realm of stand alone power amps or for a pair of monoblocks only for use with speakers having a powered woofer?

My guess is that any Vandersteen product is a pretty safe bet.
Jmcgrogan 2,

You are right about the manufacturers catering to the rich. For years Vandersteen focused on inexpensive speakers for the average Joe Shmoe. Now he's looking to hit home runs with 50k speakers and amps.
Taters come out and listen to see how well the latest 2500 buk Vandies will be surprised. If ya can't afford them either its no reason to be bitter with progress. By the way the Seven is more than a home run its a game changer. Be thankful for what you have or do something about it yourself. Cheers JohnnyR

You're maybe the best one to ask. Do you have any experience with the M7-HPA or is it still in development? I'm sure it will be a quality product and a near ideal match for the 7, 5 and Quatro speakers for those who can part with the money.

Also, is there any truth to the Model 9 being in development or is this merely an Internet rumor?
Audio connection,

I have heard the 7's and they are fantastic. I just don't have 50k to drop on speakers.
The is an advantage to designing an amp to go with a particular pair of speakers....