Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?

I won't have $45K to spend on a loudspeaker in this lifetime or any other I imagine but the little snippet in TAS peaked my curiousity. Has anyone heard this speaker and would be willing to offer their impressions?
Maril555, I guess I am the friend you refer to (I recognized your system from the pictures). Thank you for your remarks.

Siliab, I was not at T.H.E. Show, so I cannot comment on that setup, although they cannot have sounded too bad since John Atkinson picked that room as one of the three best sounding rooms at the show. What I can assure you is that the Seven's all but lack foundation. In fact, once you get used to the truly flat bass response you can obtain from them, it is difficult not to be bothered by the in room bass response of almost any other speaker.

I have about 1,500 hours on mine and drive them with ARC Reference Anniversary and Reference 250's. Each time I think I heard their full potential, I find that something else in my system was actually holding them back. For anybody who is considering purchasing speakers at this price point (or higher), I strongly believe these deserve to be heard properly setup.
I had the same experience as Siliab and Deadlyvg but everything else was beautiful. I heard them at a dealer with the Ref 5 and Audio Research 150 perhaps more power would solve the leaness in the bass.
I've never heard or seen the 7s but this lean bass observation puzzles me. I've had the 5As for about six years now and lean bass has never been an issue. Bass is actually a strong point. Tight, firm, strong and well defined. There is essentially no difference in the bass module used in the 7. It's one of the few things with very little change over the 5A. I suspect the guys here postulating less than optimal setup are on the right track to explain these scattered observations.
I am a 5A owner which when set up properly is already a great speaker. When I heard the 7's I personally felt that although it was slightly better, it wasn't worth the upgrade FOR ME. Richard said that I would hear a greater difference set up in my room. For me, however, although I think Vandersteen and John Rutan are Wonderful guys to work with, it wasn't the significant cost to upgrade. That is true only more so, for the 5A carbons. If I were to start again, and not own the 5A's, I would be much more interested.
Greetings Stringreen
Thanks for your post and observation.
when you popped in I wish I was there as you caght me with my pants down breaken in a cheap amp not
up to the task of the sevens
I would like to invite you in next time
to expierience what your keen ears deserve.
Thanks JohnnyR