Vandersteen Quatro CT

This speaker has been available for several months and by some reports is quite special. Anyone have a chance to listen to one? Impressions compared to other Vandy speakers?

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I don't know the Vandy dealer near you. Give Jonny Rutan a call at Audio Connection in Verona NJ....he can help you out and let you know the closest dealer if there is one. He often is on this site too. Great guy. I bought my Treo's from him. He often helps posters over here set their systems up properly. The quatros are pretty easy to set up and dial in. I watched Jonny and his partner set mine up with a laser and ruler. Seemed pretty easy to me. Those Quatro CT's are really really special.
Overture Audio in Ann Arbor just recently got a pair of Quatros in Zebrawood, a $2,000.00 option. They are gorgeous; works of art in that finish. My wife was with me that day and thought the same thing. I found her later that night standing in the living room, wondering if the Quatros would somehow fit.

I didn't get a chance to listen to them you really go check them out at Overture.
Very nice exchange of info guys-

I liked the Vandy 2C Sig and 3A models. But when it came down to the Treo & Quattro models, I just could not get their presentation. From the dealers/retailers, I got a reply that it is the 1st order cross-over that may throw off my ears. IME, Thiel CS 2.4 or 2.7 loudspeakers really does everything well for me. As above, I have demo'ed w/ ARC, Ayre, C-J, Rogue and Aesthetix gear.

I would challenge you guys to demo Thiel prior to buying the Vandy Treo or Quattro- you might be swept off of your feet.
Happy Listening!
((I would challenge you guys to demo Thiel))
Jafant decent idea but it goes both ways... we have taken many Thiel speakers over the years when folks hear Vandersteens set up correctly.
Vandersteens/Thiel are both Phase and time correct which means proper tilt back is vital.
The new Carbon Treo's and Carbon Quatro's which I doubt you heard is a pretty awesome improvement
Here's a recent 7 observation to check out that offers some of this technology.