Vandersteen Quatro CT

This speaker has been available for several months and by some reports is quite special. Anyone have a chance to listen to one? Impressions compared to other Vandy speakers?

By the way, Karl, Overture has been carrying Vandys for many, many years. They will probably set up the Quatros with the big Sim Audio integrated. If you go there, check out the Blue Sound Audio equipment. I bought the Vault 14 months ago and it's the only source I use now. Ask for T.J. as he is the Blue Sound expert.
Yeah Tomryan, I contacted them yesterday. Keith told me they have been a Vandersteen dealer for a year and a half. I have not been to their new location. I was pretty turned off to Overture after an experience I had there trying to buy a Linn Akurate DS. But I need to re-engage. Having a local dealer could be a big advantage when it come to setting up speakers.

I will get to the new store soon to listen to the Quatros. I think they should match well with the Pass XA 30.5 I use, but I might have to haul that amp in as well!

Thanks again for the heads up.
It's a good idea to take in your amp. I remember going to Overture years (10-15?) ago and them having Vandersteen. Maybe they stopped for a while
and then started again. Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else!
Overture have carried Vandersteen for decades. I think it's more likely that they've been in their new location for a year and a half.

I listened to Vandersteen 3s and Dynaudio X38s there this summer. Driven by Sim Audio integrated. I wrote about this in another thread a while ago. They were very accommodating.

I imagine they picked up Dynaudio much more recently when Audio-Visual Showcase, that carried them before, was shut down by Big George's.
I auditioned the Thiel 3.7's vs the Treo's and as always the Thiels literally hurt my ears. I had to walk away. I have spoken to a few others who have done the same and no matter where we've auditioned or with what. Again, that's why they make so many different types of speakers as we all like different things.

Those of us who like the new Vandy's like a presentation that you may get when you go listen live. It's highly detailed and will give you everything it's being fed, but it's musical. The mid bass through meds are FAST...Panel like fast. Richard is heavily into live performance and goes often. He makes speakers that sound like live music and it doesn't appeal to some audiophiles.