Vandersteen's new affordable mono blocks at the CES 18

Just got an email that his new amps will be unveiled at the CES.  Here is what I got.  I can't wait.  He has adjustable crossovers so you can use them on any speaker that doesn't go down to 20HZ, which is 99% of teh speakers on the market.  Here is what they said:

Vandersteen Audio Introduces the Next GREAT Amplifier at CES 2018!Venetian Suite 29-203
Vandersteen Audio shook up the audio world with its liquid-cooled M7-HPA monoblocks, a radical advance in power amplifier design and loudspeaker performance that is Stereophile Class-A rated as a true reference.Vandersteen is doing it again at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, where you can get the first look and listen at a pre-production pair of the upcoming M5-HPA (High-Pass Amplifier) monoblocks! The M5-HPA is a solid-state design descended directly from the flagship monoblocks. It will be substantially less expensive, but will offer an astonishing amount of the flagship's sonic magic. While the M7-HPA is designed specifically for Vandersteen's Model Seven Mk II speakers, the M5-HPA will work with a much wider variety of loudspeakers and Vandersteen powered subwoofers. To accomplish this goal, while the M7-HPA's high-pass is fixed at 100Hz, the M5-HPA's internal high-pass filtering is adjustable to any of the following five settings: 20Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz.Vandersteen for years has employed high-pass filtering with powered subwoofers for the ultimate in powered-bass performance. When paired with a Vandersteen powered-bass speaker like the Quatro Wood CT the M5-HPA forms a complete powered-bass speaker system in which the amplification is perfectly optimized over the entire frequency range.
Richard Vandersteen is responsible for the M5-HPA’s overall design and architecture; the amplifier was developed and is built in partnership between Vandersteen Audio and Dean Klinefelter, a talented designer and engineer in his own right. 
Vandersteen powered-bass speaker systems are the ultimate expression of Richard Vandersteen’s philosophies on design and performance, formed over decades of industry-leading design & research & innovation.
M5-HPA's technical attributes:
  • Zero-Feedback Solid-State Design With Dual Single-Ended Circuits Connected By The Speaker Load
  • All Signal Transistors N-Channel Bipolars 
  • No Emitter Resistors
  • Minimal Circuit Path- Only 5 Parts In Signal Path Per Phase
  • 10 Separate Power Supplies
  • Adjustable High-Pass Filter (20Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz)
  • 300-Watts Into 4 Ohms / 150-Watts Into 8 Ohms
  • Made In The USA

All of audio is subjective.  Lamm makes some nice stuff.  That amp is north of 27k.  That's a huge difference in cost and shows what a great value the Vandy amp truly is.  I'll personally go with the 15k amp if it's close to the 27k plus amp.  As I said, audio is subjective as we all know and love.  
I think JA addresses it nicely saying each amp has strengths, he prefers the Lamm at 2X the cost ( $31k )
I have heard Lamm products before in a variety of systems and they are quite good and hyper well engineered and robustly built. An amp that comes close at half the price ( think of it as getting the Quattro CT for free) is quite an achievement. Richard is hyper frugal and efficient, everything must earn its way into the product.
my buck fifty...

I have always been a fan of Vandersteen speakers, but I do find it bizarre that you need to liquid cool a pair of 60,000.00 solid state amps that are only putting out 300 watts.  Bryston and Pass can produce triple this without any liquid cooling and at 1/3rd the price.......

As to the smaller one, same story......I can buy a pair of Bryston 7bsst3s or a Pass X350.8 for less that churn out twice the wattage.....for the same $ in the case of Pass and far less in the case of Bryston

Not saying they're not excellent....not saying they're not the ideal match for Vandersteen speakers.....just saying that I cannot see any probability of any sane consumer paying this kind of money per watt if they were looking at an amplifier on it's own merits, not part of a high pass solution for a certain speaker.....
It's still pretty crazy to think that any product in audio can even compete with anything costing twice as much.
Per my last post, I haven't heard the Lamm monos or Vandersteen M-5HPA, but now knowing the price difference, I concur the Vandersteen amps are a great value by comparison and I'm sure they sound great. I'm looking forward to listening to them the next time I go to Stereo Unlimited in San Diego. Maybe somewhere down the road, RV might make a nice affordable (for me anyway) integrated amp to power my Treo CT's.