Vandersteen speakers and biwiring

Does anyone have experience with Vandersteen speakers and using a true biwire (not where the cables are sheathed together except for 6 inches where they connect to the speaker, but where there are two separate lines of cable being used)? What were the results? Was the sound drastically better than a single wire run with a jumper?
Hi just out of curiosity, arent the syngergistic research cables you are using internally biwired? What were the results?

IME, it depends on if you are using single or stranded. I noticed an actual increase in performance (to my liking) when biwiring custom 18AWG dead soft 4N silver with teflon. I biwired with stranded wires (various types) and found that while it increased the soundstage- there was an undeniable smearing.
Albertporter, it's interesting that you added Richard Vandersteen's answer to your post. I have talked to him personally and he only reiterates what it says in the link...

"Some of the benefits of bi-wiring are from the physical separation of the high-current bass and low-current midrange/tweeter wires. So-called bi-wire cables that combine the wires in one sheath do not offer the full advantages of true bi-wiring although they may be an excellent choice for mono-wiring the speakers."

He basically said that cables that are sheathed together are a waste of time and that it would be better to go with a single run and a jumper. As I have not compared the same cable in both configurations, it is impossible for me to know if what Richard said is correct which is why I asked the question. Thanks for the response. I will try to do more research and see what I can determine.
Tboooe, the Synergistic cables I am currently using are internally biwired. I am unable to determine the differnce that is provided by this method since I have never run a single run of the same type of cable using a jumper.

Right now, I am looking to upgrade to either Kubala-Sosna Emotion or one of the Pranawire speaker cables.
I dont own V's but from different speakers I have owned over the years Chapman's Maggies M-L's etc. I have found (RV's advice noted) that I usually prefer bi-wiring but not always the same cable to high and low. Try out several cables until you find a combination that works for you! (dont listen to naysayers)