Vandies or Maggies?

Okay, I have a tough decision coming up. I've been saving some cash for a pair of Vandersteen 1C, but recently heard the Magnepan MG20.1 for the first time ever. I couldn't believe the kind of sound that you can get out of a ribbon. Talk about midrange purity. So now I have a conundrum.

Do I continue to save my money for the Vandies, or do I throw down some cash and try out the Maggie MMGs? I love the overall balance of Vandies, but the clarity of Maggies seems to be very addictive. What do I do?

Either one would be driven by a NAD C320BEE. I listen to a world of different music, from hip-hop to jazz to orchestral to acoustic.

Oh, one last thing-- I'm having my first kid this October. And yes, I'm worried about having Maggies in the house with a little hellion running around.

Okay, so given my situation-- which would you recommend?
I don't think the Vandies are series crossover speakers, but I'm not an expert. Series crossovers would be found in Reynaud, Fried and Diaural licensees' speakers, among the better known sources.
I was in the same quandry a few years back. I had Vandy 3's. They are large and weigh 90 lbs each. I was afraid the Vandies would get knocked over and hurt the baby or the baby would totally wreck the "sock" on the Vandy.

I sold the Vandies and bought PSB 4T's. These really go well with NAD. They also have a mesh grille that is backed by a plastic honeycomb patterned support. Great when the kids push on the grille.

I am probably in the minority...but I dont think Maggies are as ruthless or as revealing as some most have touched upon...their transparency is in a different league than the Vandies...although they can sound very thin with certain instruments and improper installation...the Vandies have a far more richer and organic presentation...albeit slower, darker, and at times muddy in the low end...this is a tough both are very good companies that have virtually invented hi-end dealer carries both...and I really like the Maggie 1.6s...great speaker and very reasonably priced...cheers..