Vandy or Maggy?

What would sound better in a medium sized room with Symphonic
Music, current model Vandy 2's or Maggy 1,7's?
I have a AVA Synergy 450 Amp which has tuneful base and can drive either well.
I've owned Maggy 1.4's , my knock on them was they were not very dynamic and didn't portray depth well, but it was easy to follow the various lines and instruments.
I've heard Vandys but not much and was a long time ago.
Any and all ideas much appreciated !
Schubert, The answers you have gotten so far lead to the answer you always get when asking such a question. You must audition the speakers. I know you are serious about your music. Its worth the hassle to get speakers that will satisfy.
Would you buy a house without an inspection or a car without a test drive?

All that said, you know I am a classical guy and a die hard Maggie guy. I am in agreement with Johnny that the .7 series have taken a leap forward. The series crossover is much better, and the all quasi ribbon 1.7 has got to get you much better coherence. I haven't heard the Vandy IIs in a long time. but the congestion when the music went ff or fff was a show stopper for me.
What is a tuneful base? Is this something the amplifer perches upon? Does it enhance the music?

Vandersteen and Magnepan are two very different sounds. One is laid back and forgiving and isn't fussy about placement or ancillary equipment. The other one is more transparent and lively, but requires more from the owner.

I'll let you guess which is which.

A buddy just got a pair of Vandy 2ci....and if anyone thinks Maggies are tough to position, mess with these. Just look at the manual and see what all they require. Besides, my Maggies blow them out of the water.
Wait just a minute, Schubert. Does this mean that you are selling -- or have already sold -- your beloved Silverline Preludes? I've been following your comments about them for some time -- to the point where I've considered them as a prime candidate for my next set of speakers. Say it ain't so.
-- Howard
I think you've hit on something that keeps me from buying Maggies as well. While I appreciated all the things the speakers were doing right (I heard 3.6s by the way), the thing that was notably missing for me was something I'd call, for lack of a better term, dynamic thrust or the ability to "feel" as well as hear individual sounds. My guess is that dynamic speakers focus individual sounds more (for better or worse I guess) which may allow more of the sound to propel forward and more letting you feel as well as hear dynamic impact -- individual sounds just have more oomph. Maggies obviously throw bigger and relatively more diffuse images and maybe as a result dont focus energy as much and diminish physical impact. Obviously you can augment bass with subs and that's fine, but I'm talking about even the mids/lower mids -- think baritone sax or perhaps the lower registers of a tenor sax, which seem to lack some dynamic power although they otherwise sound excellent.

Anyway, if that's what you meant your choice of dynamic vs. planar may come down to this critical difference between the technologies. I didn't spend enough time with Maggies to get a sense of their soundstage depth capabilities, but I have with Vandies and I thought they were among the best I've heard in that area. Combining these areas I'd think Vandies would be well worth a look. Hope this helps and best of luck.