Vaughn Speakers

Building a system around my next speaker purchase and would like to hear from any past or present Vaughn speaker owners. Also impressions from those who have had an opportunity to hear them are welcome.

Are you referring to Vaughn Loudspeakers in CA? If so, his new speaker with plasma tweeters are perhaps the best top end I have ever heard period. They radiate 165 degrees and no moving mass....flat to well beyond 50K, and maybe to 100k. Remarkable sound. Detail, space, and no edge to the sound. PT
Plasmatech,yes I am referring to Vaughn Loudspeakers of Ca.
Appreciate your response and hope to hear from others.
I've heard them at several shows, with and without the plasma tweeter. They are excellent speakers. Company owner Jim Jordan is a nice straight-forward guy. I have not heard the line array model.