VD Revelation Speaker cables -

I read reviews of these cables and usually there are good comments about the cables bass response and dynamics. But no mention of the upper frequency abilities. This makes me wonder...

From Stereo Times Review in December 2005.
"The Revelation sounds surprisingly real and un-electrical. It takes the “system” sound away from your electronics and gives them an almost a human touch. Some might judge this as rolled-off in the highs, or too warm in the midrange. I say it’s neither."

So, I dont know, perhaps I am thinking too much between the lines of this review. Is there rolled off highs in this cable that is detectable to us common folk?.

I have seen other comments on different cables stating about there high frequency characteristics as, "its a natural sound" Do they really mean it does not have extened highs? In my experience, many times that is the case.

Please dont get me wrong I love bass , midrange , dynamics and soundstage qualities but the cable also has to hit the high Frequency extremes.

I would appreciate anyone with experience with these cables would comment on the cables upper frequency abilities.
That is, does it sound like a cymbal crashing with impact and detail and shimmer or does it sound like a muted aluminum pie plate off in the distance?
In all fairness, I knew these cables were stiff before I bought them. But having never dealt with such a stiff cable I just wasn't in the proper mindset to work with them. Also, the speaker terminals were recessed quite a bit into the speaker cabinet which was prevoiusly not a problem because I used bananas. I'm in the process of replacing the terminals and I've eliminated the recess. One speaker is finished and I'm waiting for a part to finish the other.
I'm sure all this hassle will pay off as the direct gold plated copper Cardas terminals I'm installing are superior to the stock terminals.
BTW - I forgot to mention that I use a set of Virtual Dynamics Master jumper cables on my speakers. They are about 12" in length with spades and magnets. Trying to pry them apart was a bit of a challenge, but bending them to fit on my binding posts was less of one. The sonic improvement was more than worth it though.
I had a pair of VD revs on demo, back to back with Kubala Sonsna Emotions and thought the highs were excellent. I could not get them to image properly, plus they were so physically inflexible I could not live with them, that said they were very, very good cables.
I ordered a 10 foot bi-wire pair. 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Question : Since one speaker will be much closer to my Amp than the other, is ther any suggestions as to how to configure that cable?

I thought that VD said to keep it in a circular pattern, but that was always a no-no. And, based on the comments of the cables stiffness, is that even possible ?
Ozzy, the speaker cables are siff but it helps if you map out the spot where you think the cables will go.You then place the cables roughly and start ajusting the ends of the cable to your equipment so that when you go to hook it up,only small bends are necessary.VD. cables do not suffer from typical cable interactions since they are shielded so well,and they ship in a cicular box anyway,so a circle may work for you!I have worked with many a pair and do find them challenging (especially the 6 gauge)but with patience and determination you will recieve a revelation once they are installed.Congats on a great cable and if you find these good,beware that the i/c's and p/c's are even better.Hope this helps and if you need a virtual hand please let me know-cheers Dennis