Velodyne DD Plus 10 owners Which Subsonic Slope

Just purchased a Velodyne DD+ 10 and I'm absolutely loving this sub - so impressed with it that I don't quite know where the limits are.

I'm guessing some would tell me in response "don't fix it, if it ain't broke" but since I'm curious as to what else I might be missing, has anyone lowered the subsonic slope setting of 24dB/octave slope (at 15Hz) to a lower setting?

Velodyne advises only lowering it for intermittent use, but I'm curious as to what owners have done. I'm only using it at a volume level of "16" btw, so I'm not sure if that means I have headroom to play with more extreme frequencies or not... and I don't want to blow anything either obviously
You might use the lower setting in one of the presets and experience the change with different recordings.

Im aware of the convienient option of using different preset EQ functions. I am almost certain there will be a noticeable effect and thats not what im concerned about. Im concerned about the stress and longevity of lowering the subsonic slope on these subs.

So basically what im asking is: Are these subs truly bullet proof and the warning by velodyne ultra conservative (as corporations with thier products usually are) or is the risk of damage too great at those levels?
I'm sure IF they were bullet proof that they would have a longer warranty.
I love that Thiel has a whopping 10 yr warranty.
Now Bryston has a ......20 year warranty on their subs.
I did use DD-15's before which I liked but in one sub the amp went in less than a year.
Wasn't doing high SPL's either in that 11x16 room.