Velodyne DD15 - worth repairing the plate amp?

The amp in my 2008 Velodyne DD15 is dead as a door nail. 

How good is this old marvel compared to today's offerings?

Worth investing another $500 (to have amp repaired, incl roundtrip shipping, tax, etc)? Or just use as passive sub?

How does it compete to modern subs, for example SBS SB-2000 or SB-3000 (both under $1k pre owned)?


So how do I use the provided measuring (velodyne) microphone if not via computer?


The microphone connects to the plate amp. There is also a video output that you connect a monitor to. You would be best printing a copy of the manual for the sub and following what it says. The manual for the SMS-1 is pretty similar. There is a lot of information in that manual that will answer many of your questions and describes in detail how to set it up. It is available on the Velodyne site.

Thanks, I need to read the manual (already downlaoded a while ago). So the DD-15 HAS computer connection. Do I have a remote (need to check) for the DD-15? If so, hope I did not misplace it somehow.


It has composite video out for on-screen display. It does not connect to a computer. The computer connections are for software updates. It does require the remote and on-screen display to set everything up. It runs frequency sweeps that you can see in real time. It has graphic and parametric eq capability. Just read the manual.

You do need the remote and a video hookup. But there is a quick setup button on the back of the sub. Read the manual!