Velodyne HGS Series 1 vs Series 2

Anybody out there "in the know" on what the difference(s) is/are in the Velodyne HGS "Series 1" subwoofers and the new "Series II"? My theater room has an HGS-12 "series 1" sub, and I was curious what has been changed in the latest generation, and how the change(s) affect performance.

Thanks in advance.
Not enough to warrant the price! I checked these out very carefully, and ended up being VERY happy with a clone called the Boston Acoustics PV-1000 at 1/2 the price!
I was in the market for a new hgs15, I was told by my dealer that Vel is comming out with a whole new design after the first of the year, it is supposed to have eq adjustments, so I am waiting, no info on prices yet, good luck
Here's what the "expert" at Velodyne says:
Performance is the same. Over a four year period there were many modifications made to the amplifier to make it more reliable and in some instances to make it quieter. So in January 2002 we designated the units Series II.



My opinion is that they were trying to fix the problems that were making the sub blow up. If you read you will see that they had a lot of problems with the early models.
Thanks "Warehouse" for the information.

Since my original post, I have tried an original HGS-12 side by side with a Series II. I can hear no difference in the performance of one verses the other except for a slight "humm" at idle out of the original model. I assume this is the noise your friend described. This noise is virtually insignificant as one has to put his ear right in front of the sub and listen carefully in order to hear it at all.

As for reliablility.........who knows.

Anyhow, thanks again, and Happy New Year.