Velodyne Spl series vs. SVS Subs

Would like thoughts or opinion's on specifically the new SVS SB 12plus(this is there new one)(or any of there subs)and the Velodyne Spl 1000R.
I just sold my descent (martin logan) $3k subwoofer and bought the svs ultra/2 subwoofer and it makes my ml descent sound like a home theater in a box sub. It also is much more acurate to my ears, as Ive owned the hgs 18, servo 15, and now the svs ultra and the descent was the worst sub of all 3. The svs ultra blends perfectly and cant be located. I could never get the descent to blend with my speakers(ascent i's, aeon i's,-tried both). I highly recommend these sub's. The only thing is they need to work on there looks. They are huge but how can you get THIS KIND OF BASS from anything small-it cant be done! The sunfire's and definitive tech subs are horrible. There small but also a waste of space. Id need 10 of them to match this level of bass.I just cant say enough on the performance of this sub.

I do want to add one comment. How can so many people complain about the looks of this sub, when the same people have all there gear in the middle of there room with big wires all over the floor. Personally, I dont think its a big deal that you like your gear that way, but dont complain about a box in the corner if you are one of the above people.-Thanks for reading my comments.
if you are gonna spend 3000+ on a sub and you purchase one without auditioning a JL Audio Fathom, you made a big mistake. SVS is good, I owned one, so I know their sound quality compared to cost argument, but the fathom is simply the best out there. listen to one, i am not the only person singing their praises.
I had an SVS. I liked the bass extension, but I could hear a hissing noise from my tweeters during quiet passages of music while the sub was on. So, I returned it.