Velodyne ULD-15 series II X-over and cable ??? s

-- I've got to crack open the external amp / xover for my trusty Velodyne and change the crossover chip from taking inverted inputs to taking standard inputs due to a system config change. Problem is, I can't find my documents on how to change this on the chip-- you either add or remove a resistor...

SO, anyone out there have an owner's manual and can look for me? It'd be appreciated.

BTW, I already have a call into Velodyne's ULD series guru Dave, awaiting a call back- so he may be able to solve part 1 for me real easily.

Part 2 is, has anyone experimented with replacing the silly little lamp cord power cord on the ULD series amp? The amp is allegedly a 400 watt class B design, and the power cord doesn't appear suitable for a small desk lamp...

Any input / experiences swapping out this (hardwired) cord would be appreciated. I'm not sure I'll bother installing an IEC socket, I'll probably just solder straight to the existing connections.
I've changed the power cord on mine to a thicker, shielded Belden cord. Actually, mine is a ULD 18 MkII, which I believe uses the same amp.

Didn't really notice any difference, I must say.
Does anyone have the R value and position to lower the crossover point on the uld 15 ii. ?
Yes. There isn't a single crossover point - there are separate resistor positions for the high pass and low pass frequencies. What frequency do you want for each? The separate adjustments make it possible to provide for an overlap between the sub and main speakers.