VenHaus Pulsar™ interconnects

Has anyone used this product as an audio IC (it apparently can be used in digital and video applications, too)? What were your impressions? I own some VenHaus PCs that rock, and am interested in what any owner of the VenHaus ICs has to say. In advance, thanks for your reply.

VenHaus site:
I've been using his Pulsar ICs for over a month now. Although I only have about 75 hours on them, from the start I couldn't believe the clarity of these wires. Like most of us, I did the IC & speaker cable carousel using brands like Audience and Acoustic Zen. I then tried several "low cost/high performance" cables seen advertised and talked about on Agon with a 30 day return plan. The instant I hooked up the Pulsars, I knew it was what I wanted. Although the other cables I tried were good, I couldn't distinguish between them very much. I'd pull my wife in for a sanity check while I jumped around behind the equipment swapping wires. The first 5 seconds of the first track with the Pulsars, we both knew the clarity was clearly better than any of the others. I'm also using his star-quad bulk wire for speaker cables. Additionally to the product, Chris is a pleasure to do business with.
I have recently added cryo'd VHAudio AC power cords to my DVI DVD player and my 300U front projector and immediately noticed a nice improvement in the video picture. I have to say I had never tried upgrading power cords and was dubious, but now I am glad I did. I would imagine his audio cables are just as good. Any other cables I upgrade will come from the same source, I don't feel the need to shop around.
I just received a pair of PULSAR IC's and a PULSAR digital cable from Chris VenHaus. While I have had them in my system for less than one day, I was immediately impressed with increased dynamics and very clean sound, this running from my CDP directly into my amp.

A longer length of IC's, run from my preamp to amp, is making its way via UPS. I'll be sure to post some additional impressions when I have Chris's IC's throughout my system.
Just tried these. Without any break-in whatsoever, they've bested my Luminous Audio Synchrestras. More detail, but maintained the smoothness. Will report again once these break-in, but so far, a resounding thumbs up. Superb value!!!