VenHaus Pulsar™ interconnects

Has anyone used this product as an audio IC (it apparently can be used in digital and video applications, too)? What were your impressions? I own some VenHaus PCs that rock, and am interested in what any owner of the VenHaus ICs has to say. In advance, thanks for your reply.

VenHaus site:
Just tried these. Without any break-in whatsoever, they've bested my Luminous Audio Synchrestras. More detail, but maintained the smoothness. Will report again once these break-in, but so far, a resounding thumbs up. Superb value!!!
Here is a follow-up on my Pulsar interconnects, posted on Audio Circle. I thought you might be interested.

"I swapped out my Audience Conductor IC's for Chris VanHaus (VH Audio) Pulsars about two weeks ago. A 1M pair between my Pioneer PD-65 and Eastern Electric MiniMax tube preamp and a 4M pair between my MiniMax and modified DNA solid state amp.

I was impressed enough with the initial results that I put my Audience cables up for sale on Audiogon immediately.

Since then, I have replace my 2M Audience Conductor bi-wire speaker cable with a run of Chris's star quad cable. This cable has 4 conductors of 12 AWG multi-stranded bare copper, twisted in a star quad geometry. This arrangement provides a total equivalent of a 9 AWG (pretty thick but you can bend it slightly). Chris has the cable cyrogenically treated by American Cryogenics.

I thought the "grunge" in my system was gone before inserting the Pulsars. Well the Pulsar IC's and VH Audio star quad wire has brought a whole new level of clarity to my system. I don't have a cable cooker, so I am planning to put at least 100 hours on the cables before posting any formal reviews.

I will be doing some A-B comparisons with IC offerings from Gregg Straley (DIY) and Aural Thrills, after the Pulsars bested the Audience Conductors by a significant margin."

Roger, I have the exact same s/u as you with the Pulsar ICs and Starquad wire from Chris (see my system). I A/B compared these wires with many wires you mentioned and Chris' came out on top for me. I'm curious to see what you conclude. I terminated the Starquad with some Fututech Rhodium spades from Chris, high quality stuff. I'm glad to hear from other folks, like you who have found similar performance in VH Audio products. For me right now, I'm thrilled with the performance of these cables and the support I get from Chris.