VenHaus Pulsar™ interconnects

Has anyone used this product as an audio IC (it apparently can be used in digital and video applications, too)? What were your impressions? I own some VenHaus PCs that rock, and am interested in what any owner of the VenHaus ICs has to say. In advance, thanks for your reply.

VenHaus site:
Roger, I have the exact same s/u as you with the Pulsar ICs and Starquad wire from Chris (see my system). I A/B compared these wires with many wires you mentioned and Chris' came out on top for me. I'm curious to see what you conclude. I terminated the Starquad with some Fututech Rhodium spades from Chris, high quality stuff. I'm glad to hear from other folks, like you who have found similar performance in VH Audio products. For me right now, I'm thrilled with the performance of these cables and the support I get from Chris.
A winner indeed! I have had Chris's Pulsar cables in my system for almost two months. They sound great. Just picked up another pair of interconnects to finish my two-channel system and a digital cable for my brothers new HT system. Highly recommended!

I'm impressed with the Pulsars. They look simple and elegant and flexible. The quality is there and I prefer the connectors over the locking metal ones. Nice and snug and no messing around with tightening them. I will not rehash what has already been said and I am completely satisfied with the Pulsars.
I'd be curious to see what Driver thinks of these cables now that he's probably had them a while. Personally, i think that they are a great buy. You can read some of my further comments here as posted over at AA's Cable Asylum. As i've mentioned before, my thoughts are that interconnects are more system dependent than speaker cables. As such, results and opinions are bound to vary. If they didn't, the item being discussed must be the best that money can buy : ) Sean