VenHaus Pulsar™ interconnects

Has anyone used this product as an audio IC (it apparently can be used in digital and video applications, too)? What were your impressions? I own some VenHaus PCs that rock, and am interested in what any owner of the VenHaus ICs has to say. In advance, thanks for your reply.

VenHaus site:
Ok, wanted to post an update on the balanced Pulsars (both Rhodium and Gold Furutechs).

I am happy to report that the little bit of HF grain or glare I initial reported is all gone! It turned out that most of what I was hearing was removed by doing a little bit of tweaking to my RM 40's. I also think getting more hours on the Pulsars helped as well.

So I can now safely say that the balanced Pulsars with Furutech XLR are the all-around best ic I have had in my system.

I can heartily recommend this ic, without reservation and regardess of the price point you are at.

As for the gold vs. rhodium... I preferred the Rhodium in my system. Here is why:

The rhodium had better initial attack and was a more lively in a good way.
The leading edge on an acoustic guitar had more definition and was easier to hear.
The drums and bass seemed to jump out at me and had slightly better definition.
The gold was more polite and laid back.
With the rhodium the soundstage is more forward and slightly deeper.
The biggest difference was in the highs. The gold by comparison sounds a little rolled off and slow. Cymbals seem to hit faster and decay a little longer with the rhodium.

The differences weren't huge, but I didn't have to strain to hear them. Although I preffered the Rhodium, the Gold was excellent as well.

I think it just comes down to personal tastes and proper system matching.

I just shipped out TVAD's Pulsars to him after cooking them on a Mobie for about 5 days or so. As i told him, my experience is that "cooked" cables should be installed into the system and then have music played through them for 24 hours prior to judgment. This has been pretty consistent with most cables that i've done this with, so i would have to assume that it applies to these too.

I don't know if jossling them about during removal from the burner, moving them around when hooking them up, etc... "lessens" the effects of the cooking, but the extra 24 hours of actual system use really seems to help. Given that i've noticed that here, where i can pull the cables off of the burner and install them directly into one of my systems, and i had to somewhat "coil" these up to ship them back to him, i'm sure that some time in his system will also help. None the less, the effects of "burning" should be audible from what i've experienced.

As a side note, i typically like to "burn" cables longer than this, but the Pulsar's seem to "cook" a little faster than other cables for some reason. I've done a few sets of these now for several different people and an extended burn doesn't seem to be quite as necessary as it with some other cables. I'm not going to name names, but there are some silver based cables that i've "cooked" until the meat was falling off of the bones and they still sounded bright, lean and edgy. My guess is that they are simply using a lower grade of silver as i've got some silver cables that are smooth as silk. The Pulsar itself is a hybrid cable with a copper hot lead and silver plated copper ground.

Tvad should have them in a couple of days. If he gets them Thursday, he should have enough time to throw them into the system, let them "play-in" till he gets home from work on Friday and have everthing ready for the weekend. Needless to say, i'm curious to see what he thinks, both initially and after a 24 - 48 hour settling time. Sean
I'm looking forward to hearing the results of TVAD's Au24 vs. Pulsar comparison. I'm all Audience right now and am curious about this matchup.
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Tvad I am also waiting on the result of the Au24 and
Pulsar matchup, take your time.