I've been waiting for over 6 months for a set of xlr cables to be repaired. I was first informed it would be 6 days. Has anyone else encountered issues with repairs or new orders with verastarr? 

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I received a response. I was curious if the cable manufacturing was still in operation.

Here's the response:

"I am no longer making cables. I can not keep up with orders so im shut down for 60 days as my contract manufacturer picks up. I no longer do ANY bench work at all. Do not worry however, I am happy to get you taken care of and give you concession for this abnormal and uncomfortable waiting time. 

Please let me know what length speaker cables. 

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Mike Powell

Another response:

FYI this does not mean VERASTARR is through making cables, just my own hands. We will be up and running in professional fashion over the rest of the year and forward. All our cables will now be online with running inventories. whats not available is not available, and what is will be shipped within 48 hours. I am sorry for the inconvenience my growing pains have caused. 

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Mike Powell

@rpfmusicman   Sorry to say but I think you have good reason to be concerned. This MP dude seems to be a total clown act.

For too long now high end cables and the increased profit margin that this business model offers has appealed to a consortium of bad actors.
Luckily, there are a few good folk still in the business, but not many. Question becomes whether this vendor had scruples or not…I think we probably all know the answer!