I've been waiting for over 6 months for a set of xlr cables to be repaired. I was first informed it would be 6 days. Has anyone else encountered issues with repairs or new orders with verastarr? 

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Mike Powell ( OCD guy) is a bum. I bought a pair of AGD gan amps and sent them back two weeks later ( 30 day trial) as they were not a good match in my system. 
said he spent my money and I would have to wait 60 days for a 9k refund. Took him 10 weeks to piece mail the money back. He called me names and called my system shitty and wasted his time. Dude is a real POS. Unprofessional as they get. Stay away!!

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One problem of not purchasing through a reputable audio shop is not having a relationship with a person who will interface between you, your issue and the manufacturer. I purchased a cable through the shop I purchase most of my equipment through and they told me bring the cable back and gave me a new one, no question asked and no wait. They dealt with the warranty issue themselves. I purchased a tube amplifier through them and in a short time one of the tubes went noisy. They told me how to determine which pair then when I isolated the pair I brought them back to the shop and was given a new pair. Again no questions asked or wait. Mail order can be a problem then you have PayPal or your credit card company to represent you. I prefer the shop I bought my equipment through. This is not to say I haven't mail ordered, of course I have, but there is a bigger risk this way.