I've been waiting for over 6 months for a set of xlr cables to be repaired. I was first informed it would be 6 days. Has anyone else encountered issues with repairs or new orders with verastarr? 

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One problem of not purchasing through a reputable audio shop is not having a relationship with a person who will interface between you, your issue and the manufacturer. I purchased a cable through the shop I purchase most of my equipment through and they told me bring the cable back and gave me a new one, no question asked and no wait. They dealt with the warranty issue themselves. I purchased a tube amplifier through them and in a short time one of the tubes went noisy. They told me how to determine which pair then when I isolated the pair I brought them back to the shop and was given a new pair. Again no questions asked or wait. Mail order can be a problem then you have PayPal or your credit card company to represent you. I prefer the shop I bought my equipment through. This is not to say I haven't mail ordered, of course I have, but there is a bigger risk this way.

You picked the wrong “ Mike “! Had you done business with Mike Morrow, you never would have been jerked around. Thanks for letting the entire AGON community know to avoid an irresponsible vendor. Respectfully, Mike B.

LOL, Here are the hens squabbling again... pissy party isn’t it here ?... dang I feel sorry for you guys that sit and complain here as if its gonna get something done.

So for those needing clarity Ill accommodate you ...

4 years ago my Mother died and she was my closest friend. I was non functional for 2 years. No bottle , I’m sober 22 years this Jan. Try repairing some guys old mishandled foil cables when nothing in life has any importance. When she got sick my contract MFG closed their doors and I took cables back in house. The death of my mother put the kibosh on my renewing the line and updating it . So 2 years ago I did. COVID control experiment time on the unsuspecting public. My workers no longer came to work and I took it into my own hands. During COVID all I did was work... 12 hour days making cables, running business, leading the family and providing content for my Ten Thousand subscribers of supporting enthusiasts. I became very unhealthy from lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, no exercise. BECAUSE I WAS SACRIFICING MY LIFE FOR WORK. and sitting at the bench just to deal with one or two unappreciative people that bought my cables used or got them for free wanting me to cut them in half and/or repair cables they had purchased that were inoperative. I pulled the plug before I had a heart attack. COVID meant supply shortages... VERASTARR is CLOSED for 2 months at this point, (not even new sales being accepted) and I go outside to exercise these days so I dont end up giving my soul to guys like you complaining on this thread. IF my cables were so crappy, it would not be important to people would it ?

The people complaining here are trying to sully my name and not telling the whole story in typical scoundrel cheap skate dishonest fashion.


If you buy VERASTARR cables from LalitK you will get perfect examples of how to take care of a cable. Lalit had ALL VERASTARR cables and Lalit and I were VERY close friends at one time. He wore VERASTARR T shirts and championed my brand. When we had a falling out due to differences of personal opinion, he sold my cables off and decided to pretend to you all like he does not know me. He refused to accept when I offered to buy for CASH all my cables back for perhaps a 15 point loss.

RUSSELL GLIDE not only are you a Liar, you are a CHEAP SKATE. This is what I called you and its TRUE. Lets ask anyone that knows or has done business with you GOD forbid. Here’s the other side of the story for the thread followers. RUSS bought a pair of AGD amps before a Party he had with Audiophiles. He did not consult with me like most people do, regarding his rig holistically, he wanted amps and that was it ... I gave him a $2,000 discount on amps that are strictly price protected. $9K for $11K monos. Right off the cuff RUSS told me the first amp had "puss watts" in his exact words. Off on the wrong foot with me since I know the power spec of the amps. He was setting up his return is what he was doing. After his party, he called to return the amps. I have maybe one return per year so its a red flag. even though I have a bona fide return policy, it rarely happens. I could see what happened so I decided Id test something and told him 60 days for a return. He about screamed his head off yelling at me and while he was unglued let it slip that he did not want to pay the interest on his credit card if it went past the 30 day payment cycle. What honest person is worried about that ? It was clear to me at that point RUSS GLIDE wanted to take advantage of me and use me to fund his audio party’s center of attention components. Mind you , I cant return the amps to the MFG, so now Ive got to go out of pocket $9K for this guy to make his party interesting for others. So.. what do I do ? RETURN $4500 IMMEDIATELY and tell him Ill get his the other $4500 in 30 days. RUSS says this is fine (because half is all that went on the credit card) Next thing RUSS tells me he wants the $165 PayPal fee back. But PayPal no longer returns fees. The last guy that made a return a year ago in gentleman like fashion offered me $500 for the time I took to ship him the product back and forth and consult with him on his rig. He changed his mind on a piece after talking to the know it all hens in the henhouse. RUSS offered not one damn dollar for all my time, and was even worried about his $165 PayPal fee... sorry RUSS GLIDE I’m in no hurry for you for the second half.. He was paid $1K a week later and the rest by the 30 days I agreed. NO RESTOCK FEE, NO CONSULTATION FEE. RUSS you are a CHEAP SKATE. I would not wish you as a buyer for anybody.. You are the epidemy of a dishonest. buyer.

So warning to anyone wanting to play games and treat a seller like he’s your abused child.. GET LOST..

LOL Morrow.... Different class of cables... if its rapid delivery you are after... buy Morrow...Sorry Eric Buell is out of Harley Racing bikes... Did they ever even enter MOTO GP ? I prefer my Ducati and Aprilia.. (yep, im a bike elitist too)

For the guy complaining about the repair... why dont you tell the people I offered you NEW $1500 replacement cables for $300 because I knew I could not repair them and I’ve got a built pair ?

Do you guys understand what I mean when I say these threads are half-truths with the complainers ?

I’ve got plenty of return clients happy as anything with my service and the quality of my cables and my premium gear for them.. I promote American Brands like Jeff Rowland and Playback Designs.. These are premium brands that nothing short of the best dealers in the USA can get.. The proof is in the pudding ...

There are two sides to every story as you say, but you still should have let him know what was going on during those 6 months.

Anyway, how was the OP supposed to know anything about what was going on in your life if you didn't communicate that to him?