I've been waiting for over 6 months for a set of xlr cables to be repaired. I was first informed it would be 6 days. Has anyone else encountered issues with repairs or new orders with verastarr? 

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@twoleftears + 1 - What an unpleasant fellow who seems to be unclear on the concept of the roles of 'retailer' and 'customer'. 

I'm not sure this is directed towards me or another person.

"For the guy complaining about the repair... why dont you tell the people I offered you NEW $1500 replacement cables for $300 because I knew I could not repair them and I’ve got a built pair ?"

I never received an email with the above offer. If you still have a copy please send/or post it. I have never "complained" about the repair. I've always been the one to reach out to you and inquire about the status of the cable repair.

If you'd like me to refresh your memory with all the emails I have, I most certainly will.

I purchased the XLR cables directly from Verastarr. The cables were sold as new for over $900.00. I don't recall the exact sum. Perhaps if MP goes over his records you will find my order?

I've taken the time to mail them back after being told they would be repaired under their lifetime warranty. I've asked for trade towards an equal-priced cable. I never received an offer for that either.

Let's close the door on this.

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I do agree Morrow is a " Different Class of cables" I find them the one’s to beat with my setup.

Powell is a loser plain and simple. He never asked me once about my speakers ,room, associated equipment, what type of  music I listen to etc.   How could you possibly ask for a consulting fee when you haven't asked one question.

I never asked Mike for a discount. He offered ( guess he really needed the money)

Alberto yanked his dealership and he never told my once he was not authorized to sell the AGD.  I can see now why he discounted them and was pissed about getting them back knowing about possible warranty concerns moving forward.   

The only reason I was having people over were to listen to the AGD Tempos.  I told Mike I need a pair of  XLRs for the AGD's to work in bridged mode. He promised to send me a pair for the amps. I figured he was a cable maker he should have a pair he could lend me.

He had a guy call me with Covid that lived 50 miles away 2 hrs before my guest arrived. He was going to drop off the cables on the porch. I told him no worries as my guest was bringing a pair. 

The amps sounded good but not better than Klaus's latest version of his Kismet monos with my associated equipment. Starting from scratch The AGD would be a great starting point with a efficient speaker in a mid-sized room. Seemed like it was just missing something in my setup.  All about synergy.

All this stuff with Mike was at the same time I had a  ladder kick out from under me   and suffered a Spiral Fracture of my Femur, painful as hell, 12 weeks with no weight bearing. I am in the hospital after surgery texting with him telling that hey I need the cash to pay my ridiculous co-pays and he just types " karma's a bitch" WTF  who says that kind a shit.

Powell is a Jays Audio wannabe. He gets canned by Manufactures for poor customer service. Easy to see why.  Worst audio experience by far.