Verity Audio speaker manufacturer silent...

Verity Audio, the venerable Canadian speaker manufacturer in Quebec City that launched with the venerable Parsifal speaker in the 1990's seems to have gone silent.  Their website is up but their main phone number is out of service, and their CEO's LinkedIn profile shows he is looking for work.

Does anyone one know what has happened at Verity Audio?  When did this happen and why?  Are they restructuring or have they ceased operations? 


…….so hiltoy this is Trudeau’s fault. Just couldn’t help yourself as we have people here who blame one person for everything that is happening. Just amazing at the short sidedness . I visited Verity Audio last July and my wife and I had a wonderful time at Verity followed by lunch with Julien the CEO of Verity . Their new line of speakers are amazing as I bought a pair of their new Arindals in glossed walnut . Simply beautiful to look at the music is simply engaging and without peer in my opinion. The posters here have hit what I think the central issue was ……no marketing and the only speaker that has been mentioned here  is their Parsifal. That speaker put them on the map but they also made many other models that we as great as the Parsifals and some even better. I looked for a long time for my new speakers and fell in love with the Arindals . But the marketing was non-existent and there was little to no press or advertising. It was a kiss of death in this hobby. I am not happy personally over their closing and as noted it is not good overall for our hobby. One thing that is for sure is that Verity Audio’s speakers are very well built with very good products inside and will last me for years . I wish Julien the best Ali with Bruno as they are truly exceptional people and made some really beautiful sounding speakers . One could only hope that a private equity firm invested in Verity to keep it going but the brains and individuals who loved making music will probably not be there . 

@hilroy48  , like RED HAT lite will be so much better.

How about we keep politics out of this.

I wish I had concrete info, and better memory, but just recently, I forgot who I was speaking with, but they also told me as others have stated that they are done. I dismissed it because I thought maybe it was just a rumour , but I guess it seems true. Really great sounding speakers.

I've looked at Verity Audio speakers often, but I couldn't get past the rear firing woofers.  Does this make placement and the construction, treatment, etc. of the front wall really important?  How do they do in the bass in general?

I sent an email to Verity Audio this afternoon enquiring about speaker availability. I received a prompt and helpful reply from Mr. Julien Pelchat - the co-founder and owner of Verity Audio. He wrote this:

"For your information, Verity Audio has ceased its operations on December 22, 2023."

That is not a rumour but a pronouncement from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

He mentioned that some distributors and dealers may still have some stock.