Verity Audio speaker manufacturer silent...

Verity Audio, the venerable Canadian speaker manufacturer in Quebec City that launched with the venerable Parsifal speaker in the 1990's seems to have gone silent.  Their website is up but their main phone number is out of service, and their CEO's LinkedIn profile shows he is looking for work.

Does anyone one know what has happened at Verity Audio?  When did this happen and why?  Are they restructuring or have they ceased operations? 


I've looked at Verity Audio speakers often, but I couldn't get past the rear firing woofers.  Does this make placement and the construction, treatment, etc. of the front wall really important?  How do they do in the bass in general?

I sent an email to Verity Audio this afternoon enquiring about speaker availability. I received a prompt and helpful reply from Mr. Julien Pelchat - the co-founder and owner of Verity Audio. He wrote this:

"For your information, Verity Audio has ceased its operations on December 22, 2023."

That is not a rumour but a pronouncement from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

He mentioned that some distributors and dealers may still have some stock.

My first introduction was a Goodwin's in Boston.  I went up to listen to some speakers in 2003 or so and came home with a pair of Taminos. They were very dimensional, colored a bit, but I loved them. 

A bit later a local dealer began carrying Devore speakers. A bit of a different flavor but the Tamino's were replaced by the Super 8. Goodwin's listed a pair of Parsifal Encore rev3 a couple years later and I called and asked them to pair them with a ref 110 and I think ref3...those came home.

DEF 9's, Otellos, etc. A bunch of non keepers in between.

Goodwin's told me that they nobody could kill the Verity speaker, never a repair or issue after a decade of sales. Since than I've heard most of them. Lovely speaker

Sad to see them go. The Parsifal got them on the map and I've always thought that was one of their best offerings. 

@tomcy6 the cabinet quality is very high. To say this design is a monitor with a dedicated sub dumbs it down, but I think this design gives them the incredible dimensionality.