Verity Audio speaker manufacturer silent...

Verity Audio, the venerable Canadian speaker manufacturer in Quebec City that launched with the venerable Parsifal speaker in the 1990's seems to have gone silent.  Their website is up but their main phone number is out of service, and their CEO's LinkedIn profile shows he is looking for work.

Does anyone one know what has happened at Verity Audio?  When did this happen and why?  Are they restructuring or have they ceased operations? 


I wonder if branching out into high end DAC's, amps and preamps contributed to their demise.  I remember reading Stereophile reviews when they came out with electronics... they weren't well received if I recall correctly... I'm pretty sure John Atkinson's measurements exposed some warts.  Maybe they should have stuck with speakers.

I received a very nice email reply from Bruno Bouchard confirming that Verity Audio ceased operations in December, 2023 as mentioned above by @toronto416 .

Too bad...  Verity Audio had very respectable speakers.  I had a pair of Parsifal Ovations and they were indeed a very nice sounding speaker system.  I had them for several years until I heard a pair of Living-Voice OBX-RW's which sounded more realistic to me albeit leaner on the bass.  I loved the build quality of the Ovations and those beautiful transportation cases they were shipped in.  I would have liked to have heard the Lohngren II's although they were a bit above my price range.  

Life is tough for small businesses in audio -- in fact, for small businesses in any industry.  You can have a great product and still not make it -- remember the story of VHS video tapes versus Sony's Betamax?  Betamax had superior picture quality but ended up being the loser when the public went all-in on VHS.  And Sony was hardly a small business, Imagine how hard things can be for a small company that doesn't have the deep pockets of a major corporation.

The good news for Verity owners is that they can continue to enjoy their speakers whether the company's around or not.