Verity Parsifal or Magico V3 or Wilson Benesch ACT

I owned a pair of the original Verity Audio Parsifals and they were fantastic in my room (19'x15'x8' - speakers on the long wall). I went high efficiency route for a while (Avantgarde Uno's then Duo's) but am looking for a dynamic speaker again.

These three are on my list, but I would consider others as well. I have not heard any of these, and nobody around has the WB Act.

I would prefer something that I could drive with around 50-100w of tube power.

Would appreciate any comments on these.

Have had WB ACT in it's latest incarnation for quite some time.
partnered it with some fine amplifiers, but i experienced it as a somewhat technically sounding speakers.
they need a very dominant amp for sure, and come to life with Naim very well.
they sound seamless, indeed have no midbass hump and sound mature as a whole.
but they did not touch ANY emotion with me.

it is fairly silly to argue and 'get right' over the carbon versus MDF.
there are many ways to Rome my friends...

If you want to be touched moved and inspired by music: Verity.
no need to explain, no need to extalt over technical things. let the factory sort it out, time is short, enjoy music!
i put it this way:

Most speakers have many promises.

Many bring you impressive sounds.

Some sound superb in every technical way.

Others give you a feel good Starbucks experience.

Or bring you ‘something’ anyway.

Few speakers keep your attention.

Only a hand full speakers give you peace of mind in the long run.

Verity Audio invites you to listen to music.

one totally happy Verity owner.
Given the OP's choice, I would select the Pasifal all day long. It is a very natural sounding speaker with beautiful tonal purity.

The WB ACT is much too clinical and Magico V3 incredibly overpriced.

All of course IMO and I have no financial interest in any of the companies.
I think what the WB dealer means is that since Benesch are made of same material as Stealth bombers, they would do the disappearing act much better....some people should fly UNDER the radar screen of marketing non-sense and partisan bigotry.

Given the OP's choice, I would select the Pasifal all day long. It is a very natural sounding speaker with beautiful tonal purity.

There is nothing natural about a speaker that is 6-8db depressed along its entire presents area (1K-7K). Have a look at Yes I am sure it is pleasant to the ears. So is ear plugs.
ACTs cabinet secret is, in my opinion, not the use of layers of carbon fiber, but the use of a cabinet made of a sandwich of composite materials with a core of high density foam. This ultra-light external structure instantly absorbs the energy generated from the drivers.

Nonsense. You can’t eat the cake and have it too. It you are stiff (Carbon) you are not absorbers. You may add absorbent material inside the enclosure to deal with drivers back waves but it you depend on the Carbon skins to do so, you got a problem. It is not a surprise you do not see any WB measurements online. Unfortunately, for WB, Stereo Sound in Japan has measured these in issue 156. Quite a train rack with severe 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion through the entire frequency range. That can be a resolute of many things. Poor enclosure design can be one of them.