Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio

This was not my first purchase from Kevin Deal at Upscale audio. I am a entry level audiophile. My PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP and Dialogue Premium Preamplifier have given many hours of enjoyment. I have purchased well over 1K in tubes from Kevin. This purchase took me over the 10K mark with Upscale Audio. I am not a rookie to audio or tube amplification. I have had a successful tube amp repair and design shop since 1993. 
My concern.
Here is the description of the Acoustic Zen Adagio from Upscale audio's website.
This pair of Adagio's from our demo room are also the last pair of Adagio's in our inventory. The Adagio is such a sweet sounding speaker and is perfect for those who really like to get inside the music. The pair we have are in the stunning Figure Red wood finish. The baffle style is the original (and better sounding) non-tapered baffle, as pictured. Price $2499.00 plus shipping
I called Kevin and talked to him on the phone.  I asked him if he would entertain an offer. I told him that I had seen the same speakers offered on Audiogon and Audioasylum for considerably less.
He said I am a retail store and back my products. He also said this and I quote " Those people are just guys in their underwear scratching their asses." I am a store.
I trusted the description of the speakers and I trusted Kevin.
Total price. $2839.  $2499.00 plus $340.00 shipping to NC.
The speakers arrived and I couldn't wait to unpack them and hook them up. The packing was great. My anticipation was greater.
Left speaker Tweeter DOA. The same speaker had a shameful reject finish.  The lacquer was so clouded you can hardly see the wood figure. The back of the speaker was loaded with black specks under the lacquer. These speakers are seconds, rejects. I sent Kevin Deal 4 emails referring to the fact that this really was a bad deal.  It has been 3 days and no response.
On the other hand Robert Lee ( Owner of Acoustic Zen)  responded immediately to my email asking for help with the DOA Tweeter. I sent it off next day air to him and today responded that it is on it's way back  to me.
Somehow Kevin Deal's Train ran off the tracks so don't ask for your money back

yikes!!!  after re-reading my last post I sound like a communitarian.  My bad.  Thanks cleeds and czarivey!  I stand corrected on that post.  By all means, everyone involved in this discussion should decide for themselves about their feelings on the Upscale Audio issue.  It is the American way.

Would you buy from someone on Audiogon with 50+ negative feedbacks?  Isn't that what we're talking about here?
I had a very bad experience with an Audiogon seller a few years back. I purchased an Audio Research CA50 integrated amp. Unfortunately for me, if they had only auditioned it properly over a week before putting it up for sale, they would have noticed a very loud random popping noise. I did a little research and found out it may have been a defective power supply issue overheating the tubes. In fact, one of the tubes had overheated so badly that it melted the hard rubber tube ring around it! I’m not going to name the dealer, but I’ll never buy anything from them again, even though their Audiogon feedback is stellar. I could not convince him to take it back. I subsequently sold it at a loss. It was just my bad luck, I guess. BTW, when I sold it I FULLY DISCLOSED all of the the issues with the unit. That is all any of us want when we buy used gear.
Based on my personal experience W/ KD... but more on what transpired in (order) regarding this post.

I'll cast my vote for the OP, every time!

REMEMBER. The pictures don't lie. The initial posts by Kevin Deal, don't change, now that he's seen the light).