Very bright SC and IC with coherence in imaging, soundstaging and timing

I have a new speaker with a 2“ BMR driver that handles everything from 250hz to 20khz. Naturally it can’t produce high frequencies as present as the mids. It needs +3db from 10khz on. No, I don’t want to look for a new speaker because I love for all other qualities.

Is there a speaker cable / interconnect that brings more treble energy yet still does not mess with timing (coherent speed), imaging, fullness and soundstaging ?

Up to 500 usd used, 8-10ft, black or clear color, round cables (no ribbons), sturdy, no boutique manufacturers, no diy. I usually prefer solid core over litz cables.

For 40w tube amp power

Thank you!
You might try different tubes in your amp.New reissue tubes will have a brighter sound than most nos.
+1 re trying different tubes in the amp. Also, what amp is it, and have you tried all of its output taps?

I suspect that the impedance of the speaker, which I presume is made by Cambridge Audio, rises significantly in the upper treble region compared to what it is at mid and low frequencies. If so, an output tap designated for higher load impedances is likely to result in a brighter presentation than a tap designated for lower impedances, to a degree that is dependent on the output impedance of the particular amp as well as on the degree of the speaker’s high frequency impedance rise.

If you already haven’t taken steps to optimize the amp/speaker impedance match, IMO doing so is likely to make far more of a difference than changing cables. As is some experimentation with different tubes.

-- Al

Lots of requirements, lots of limitations, fighting physics, not much $. Bad combo. If you specify your amp, source, and tubes and wires you’re currently using it would help significantly in generating more useful recommendations here. Taking a shot in the dark on wires, maybe look at DH Labs Q10 cable and Silver Pulse interconnect — silver-plated copper might be your best compromise at this price level. Best of luck.