very close field speakers

I saw what is called an egg shell chair, a chair that is made of fiberglass and shaped like an egg with a small opening in the front. When you sit inside of it you are in a partial sound proof anechoic chamber. The chair I saw had speakers in it and it would make listening to music would be a most intimate experience with the music. What sort of speakers would produce a sound comparable to good floor standing speakers but in flat enough profile to fasten to the interior of the egg shell? Or, would headphones be the only choice?
I would:

1. Cut holes in the eggshell and attach some KEF LS50 Reference Monitors.

2. Mount the chair on top of a velodyne 18 inch subwoofer.

3. Have a couple of brews and crank-up Grand Funk's first album.

But that's just me...

Dweller, if you simply sit yourself on 18" sub during your favorite GFR tracks, you may like it even more coz it's gonna tickle your things over there.
Drbarney1, I see that you are new here on Audiogon. Take heart, they really are a bunch of good guys on this forum.

They're just funnin' with ya'.
The Stereo Alpha Chair from the 1970s still has fans. Currently you can buy either InMod Egg Chair or the Sound Egg. The idea behind these products is that you will have an isolated, acoustically optimized environment to listen to music. It's a good concept in that you're not wasting energy trying to fill an entire room. I've not heard either product, so I don't know whether they are good implementations of the concept. I can imagine it's possible that they could have all the benefits of headphones, but without having the "inside your head" stereo effect.