Very faint hiss from tweeter

I just put a new system together and noticed that when no music is playing, if I put my ear very close to the tweeter on either speaker, there is a very faint hiss sound.  Is this indicative of a problem?  Its not audible unless my ear is very close to the tweeter, but I wonder if its polluting amplified sound when I play music.  Should a system be stone cold silent when powered on with no music playing?

Heres my stack:
Focal Aria 936
Parasound A23+
Schiit Freya+
Bluesound Node X


I had that on 1 speaker when i had a Parasound JC5. But do not have it now that i have AGD DUETS.

The Schitt freya + if using tubes the hiss is from the tubes ,on position 2 SS mode on preamp it shouldnot do this.

I concurr with lowering the gain on the Parasound. My A21+ gain is set at two o'clock (two thirds). Not for hissing, but I get the best sound there.

Due to having ancient, ungrounded circuitry, I found it necessary to go against  protocol and plug my integrated amp into a line conditioner. When I turn the volume knob on my entry level amp (Cambridge Audio CXA-81) through my equally entry level speakers (Revel Concerto2 M-16's) well past 3 O'clock, I get no hiss. Even on the line input attached to an entry level phono preamp, I get no hiss and only faint hum well past 5 O'clock. Could you be experiencing RF or EMI issues? The last time I experienced hiss through any tweeters was when I using a well worn Rotel preamp.