Very faint hiss from tweeter

I just put a new system together and noticed that when no music is playing, if I put my ear very close to the tweeter on either speaker, there is a very faint hiss sound.  Is this indicative of a problem?  Its not audible unless my ear is very close to the tweeter, but I wonder if its polluting amplified sound when I play music.  Should a system be stone cold silent when powered on with no music playing?

Heres my stack:
Focal Aria 936
Parasound A23+
Schiit Freya+
Bluesound Node X


Due to having ancient, ungrounded circuitry, I found it necessary to go against  protocol and plug my integrated amp into a line conditioner. When I turn the volume knob on my entry level amp (Cambridge Audio CXA-81) through my equally entry level speakers (Revel Concerto2 M-16's) well past 3 O'clock, I get no hiss. Even on the line input attached to an entry level phono preamp, I get no hiss and only faint hum well past 5 O'clock. Could you be experiencing RF or EMI issues? The last time I experienced hiss through any tweeters was when I using a well worn Rotel preamp.

My system is stone-cold, dead quiet with no audible hiss from any of the speakers set at any level.

BUT, I’m using all SS equipment not tubes. Tubes are notorious for being noisy. Especially cheap tubes.

Could also be "dirty" power or noise somewhere on the line.

If you’re bothered by it, indeed, try some cable management. You could also swap out the tubes for another brand (I quite like Electro Harmonix’s Gold ones, but have also had good results with Genalex-Golden Lion and Mullard’s upper end offerings).

You’re probably in a "try it and see mode".

From Schitt’s website:

Whisper-Silent Tube Stage—With Tube Shutdown

Now, you can enjoy a tube preamp without the hiss and hum of classic designs. Freya+ offers super-quiet tube modes with DC heaters and semi-circlotron, noise-cancelling output stages. Better yet, the tubes turn off when you’re not using them! That’s right, both the tube heater and high voltage rails go away when not in use, so you can preserve lifetime of costly tubes.


Good luck.

Amplifier Voltage gain explained – matching amp to preamp see here. 😎



Freya plus does the hiss on my system. Yes tubes produce hiss most of  the time. Don’t put your hears next to the speakers all good.