Very good AES presentation on inter connects and ground loops.

If everyone has not read the papers on Jensen Transformers on interconnects by Bull Whitlock I suggest doing so. An update that makes a lot of things clear was a paper he did for AES in the subject, a bit updated.  Search You-Tube for it. It is an easier presentation than app note 009.

Makes me wonder about the current fad of XLRs on home systems with 1M cables and why folks like Chord have RCA only.  Do you trust China Inc. to do it correctly? Even ASR has identified most of what they measure does not follow IEEE or AES standards let alone understand the details of the architecture. 



Ahhh, that explains the really funny review I saw of Amir with a HT processor or receiver complaining about the noise caused by using HDMI from a PC without understanding how bad a PC is for ground loops.



As helpful as Amir is, and he is a real engineer, there are some gaps.

I have no issues using PCs as music servers, but I use correctly designed isolated USB DACs and "decent" cables.  All my system is plugged into the same power DC blocked and filtered power strip.  No problems.  HDMI on the other hand is a disaster and who ever designed the plug needs a dope-slap. Other than going to fiber transceivers, not sure how to fix HDMI issues. 

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