Very small room systems and synergy

I have been trying for 20 years to put together a system for a very small (10' x 12") listening room and still haven't gotten it right.  I am currently using KEF LS50's with a NuPrime IDA8 integrated with moderate success.  I realize I really don't like metal dome tweeters and I've been drawn to class D amps.  This is probably due to my budget constraints of $2000 - $2500.  Does anyone have any input for me on this?
I agree with the recommendation for room treatments from GLK. Would be a worthwhile investment. If you still find the sound to be bright, I would think about home trialing a speaker with lower bottom end extension and a soft dome tweeter — Buchardt S300.  Free return shipping if you don’t like it. 

Any comment on the Wilson TuneTot review by HiFNews?

....In reflex mode, bass extension is limited to 73Hz (–6dB re. 200Hz) and follows a whopping peak at 113Hz (+8dB re. 300Hz).....
There’s a low-level resonance at 3kHz and the familiar high-Q 15kHz dome resonance from Wilson’s tweeter....
Best bedroom system I ever had-LS3/5a's or JR 149'sFisher 400 or 500C (both have great fm)Dragon Cassette
Sorry, only saw your post now. First of all I would tell you that I don’t believe in reviews and numbers. My room acoustic is different, my electronics are different, my hearing is different from yours or anyone else’s for that matter. I have had speakers that sounded great at a dealer but performed ghastly in my room.

I would also question the validity of a graph based conclusion. What is a good frequency response? What is the ideal one? Do you think a speaker measuring  perfectly flat would satisfy you? Probably pro monitors and DACs are closest to this target. How many of you use them?

Last but not least I would question the measurement itself. What room? Anechoic or some of those anomalies could be secondary to room modes? How much time did the reviewer spend positioning and time aligning the speakers, being aware that WA are quite directional and sometimes it takes months to find the sweet spot?
Having said all this the reviewer also mentions that with bungs covering the ports the frequency response is smoother and the bass extended to 55Hz.

I use them with bungs. I have a lowly Oppo player as a source now while waiting for my DAC and if I set up a high pass filter at 50Hz, I get more bass than at 60. And if I set it up at 40, I can still perceive a benefit. Can’t hear any difference below 40. Which means that, while the speaker may drop a few dB below 55, it still has enough output IN A SMALL ROOM to give me a full bodied, nicely rounded bass. Without the boom, without distortion, without the massive problems I have had in the past with bigger speakers.