Very small, warm and dynamic speakers

I am setting up the bedroom/office system. This will be mostly for Spotify when not attending meetings, and for late night music such as jazz, indie folk, lo-fi etc. Ideally I wanna get a Totem Model 1 Signature, but I can't find good, used ones. My Budget for this is $1000, and the speakers will be powered by a Leak Stereo 130.  The speakers have to be placed on my desk, close to the walls, so they shouldn't be huge and rear ported. Size matters in this case, but should still be highly resolving and dynamic speakers. But I am ok with them being warm and musical, essentially it's OK for them to be colored. I am actually looking for that British style of sound.
I had a set of Sonus Faber venere about two years ago and ended up trading them straight up for a set of the new Maggie LRS. Went to a set of spendor after that then tannoy then klipsch. There was a lot to like about all these speakers but I realized that I was comparing them to the venere which had somehow become my benchmark for sound. I finally broke down and bought a set of sonus faber chameleon B. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am with the sound of these. Smooth articulate quick not a big footprint and front ported. Find a set of these used under $750 and you are golden
Have you heard the Totem Model 1? Though I've not heard the Model 1, my impression of Totems from listening to different models over the years is that they are the opposite of warm sounding. 

Sonus Faber would definitely be warm sounding as would a speaker built on the BBC LS3/5A formula.
@david_ten , yep those look good, I am currently using tiny single driver speakers actually. I am also interested in the smallest model by Omega. I will have to look into that.