Vibraphone recommendations?

I love the sound of the vibraphone. 2 of my favorite albums are Tjader-ized by Dave Samuels and Return Of The Candyman by Charlie Hunter.

I've never been able to get into any of the classic jazz vibe players like Gary Burton, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some newer albums, like the 2 mentioned above, where vibraphone is the primary lead instrument?

Definately check out any material by Bobby Hutcherson. One that I like is the Cuban influenced "Ambos Mundos". He is a virtuoso in the true sense of the word.
not 'newer', but have you checked out Walt Dickerson? ('to my queen' may be my favorite of his)
You should definitely check out Gary Burton (together with Ralph Towner) "Slide Show". It's brilliant..... and high end sound by ECM!
Good luck!
Milt Jackson has tons of releases worth checking out. My favorite is "Soul Route". Also, Victor Feldman's "The Arrival of Victor Feldman" is very good.