Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?

I just bought a Vibraplane 2210. It has a maximum load of 275 lbs. I plan to put my unsuspended SME Model 10 turntable on it, replacing my Townshend Seismic Sink. My question is this: Because my turntable only weights about 30 lbs, should I preload the Vibraplane to get the total load with my turntable closer to the maximum load? Will this improve the isolation? If so, what do you recommend I use to preload it? I was thinking a sheet of steel, aluminum or granite. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Congrats on your purchase. I would ask the manufacturer.

Lets us know how it works out.

Dear Peterayer, any vibration isolation platform does only work at its best when operated as close as possible to its maximum payload.
Right now your Vibraplane doesn't work at all.
You should consider adding a very heavy grantie or similar load plate underneath your SME to get close to the payload maximum of your VP.
When you look up the technical specifications of the 2210 on Kinetics website, you'll see how the resonance frequency is related to the payload.
For some insight you might contact Audiogoners Syntax or Solong.
Both do operate the 2210 since years and have fine-tuned their VPs payload over the period and with telling results.
Dertonarm is exactly right. Same advice applies to the Minus K platforms - you need to have the total load weight (table + additional slab) come as close as possible to the maximum rating for that platform in order for it to work best. This is necessary to fully 'load' the springs.
4est is correct ... simply place your 30 lbs TT on top of V/P ... pump up bladders and then bleed them individually until the top of the Top Plate on the V/P is 3 and three quarters inches (3.375”) from the top of the shelf that the V/P is sitting on ... no extra weight needed

If you change a component that weighs more or less ... just pump up V/P and re-adjust to 3.375”

At 3.5” my system sounds fat and at 4” it sounds lean and lifeless

Gently bleeding bladder to level V/P will bring new meaning to the word frustration ... you will learn to curse in many new language's you didn’t know you spoke