vibration control - cd player

Hi all-

I've got a new Hegel Viking cd player here which is quite nice.  At the moment, it's sitting inside an Ikea cabinet.  The feet have a sort of small isonodes rubber piece. Is that sufficient?  Do I eventually want to invest in something like a Harmonic Resolutions platform?  Or the little EVP squares?  Or something else?  (A real audio stand is not an option in my very small room.)

Thanks for any advice.



That's a higher-end spinner, so I have to believe Hegel put some thought into the feet. That being said, they're probably also assuming it's going to go into a real audio rack, which would at least help with vibration dampening. I've used Iso-pod rubber feet before when the location of a player isn't ideal (example: placed on a wooden chest next to my audio rack). They're cheap and seem to work, just buy the model that matches the weight of your player.

First of all, I would give you and the player 2 months to break in so you really know what it sounds like. Otherwise you’re just tweaking to what it sounds like now and it might change, which is a waste of effort IMO. After that, I might start with a Vibrapod under each foot. This made a big difference on my Oppo 205 and it’s cheap. It could make it worse. I wouldn’t knee jerk to the assumption that any platform will make it sound better to your ears. Or, if you don’t want to wait, just buy the HRS and relax knowing you have a first-class product. A lot of this stuff is in our heads and if you’re going to sit there constantly thinking how much better it would sound with a high end platform, buy it and be done. I happen to like the Symposium svelt shelf myself. Thin and elegant and works well. 

I have always used  the appropriate Herbies product under all my components.