vibration control - cd player

Hi all-

I've got a new Hegel Viking cd player here which is quite nice.  At the moment, it's sitting inside an Ikea cabinet.  The feet have a sort of small isonodes rubber piece. Is that sufficient?  Do I eventually want to invest in something like a Harmonic Resolutions platform?  Or the little EVP squares?  Or something else?  (A real audio stand is not an option in my very small room.)

Thanks for any advice.



I have always used  the appropriate Herbies product under all my components.


Be mindful and listen to bass exaggeration, tightness and speed when/if using rubber compounds for vibration control. Some sensitive and transparent systems can show rubber compounds as not always being the best choice. But some systems like that sort of sonic change. 

Try these. If they don’t help just send them back.

If you wanna get really serious about it look into Townshend Seismic spring products — they’re pricey but get universal praise for their performance. Best of luck.

I would second the use of the Townshend platforms/pods.  They have replaced all my other treatments such as rollerblocks, Herbies, symposium shelf, anything rubber, HRS etc.  They are on all my components including my speakers.