vibration control - cd player

Hi all-

I've got a new Hegel Viking cd player here which is quite nice.  At the moment, it's sitting inside an Ikea cabinet.  The feet have a sort of small isonodes rubber piece. Is that sufficient?  Do I eventually want to invest in something like a Harmonic Resolutions platform?  Or the little EVP squares?  Or something else?  (A real audio stand is not an option in my very small room.)

Thanks for any advice.



I would second the use of the Townshend platforms/pods.  They have replaced all my other treatments such as rollerblocks, Herbies, symposium shelf, anything rubber, HRS etc.  They are on all my components including my speakers.

I ended up using stock OEM footers and Greater Ranges Neuance platforms (no longer available) for my CD/TT decks.

The Neuance shelves are not unlike the  construction of the Ikea Lack tables in that they are light and rigid with an internal foam-core and/or honeycomb like construction.

I've also experimented with the Lack tables as instructed by the designer of the Greater Ranges shelves with positive results.

Tried gobs of footers/shelves with good/bad/meh results, but eventually decided to work with the stock OEM footers as they were what the units were originally designed and voiced with (much easier path if the product is good to start with and you like the sound).

As mentioned use it for 2-3 months and pick out what you would like to alter sound wise and then start from there.





I've been using the extremely affordable, but extremely effective Vibrapod pucks and cones on all my components for over 15 years.  Really, no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on isolation .  The Vibrapods will get the job done and at an extremely reasonable price, too.

I also have equipment hidden in a Drexel Heritage wall unit achieve a low WAF.  Together with suspended floors it is not optimal with regard to vibration.   However, while expensive, I have had much success and improved SQ with judicious attention to vibration control.  Tried some low cost products like Vibrapods with some improvement.  Noticeable improvement was realized with Symposium Shelves in combination with Roller Block Jrs.  Improvement  was signing on front end digital equipment and less so as you go down the path to the amplifier.  Expensive but worth it in my opinion.  If you cannot spring for the shelves, then you can just add the blocks, but together they work best. The usual improvements will be realized - quieter/blacker background resulting in a more relaxed presentation, better detail retrieval, better imaging and staging, and more natural timbre.  

The best vibration control according to most engineers is springs. You can pay a lot or very little if you buy on Aliexpress.