vibration control - cd player

Hi all-

I've got a new Hegel Viking cd player here which is quite nice.  At the moment, it's sitting inside an Ikea cabinet.  The feet have a sort of small isonodes rubber piece. Is that sufficient?  Do I eventually want to invest in something like a Harmonic Resolutions platform?  Or the little EVP squares?  Or something else?  (A real audio stand is not an option in my very small room.)

Thanks for any advice.




I also agree with you I have the Townshend podiums underneath my monitor audio platinum 200 ll and the improvement was as if I had upgraded to more expensive electronics Best upgrade I've ever done gets rid of most of the room problems as well. they isolate down to three hertz.



Actually in the 1980’s there were relatively inexpensive vibration platforms that used small inner tubes inside cheap wood boxes… looking life a shelf. While they worked OK (no better as the cheap chipped wood box didn’t help). But you had to blow them up with a bicycle pump every week. A real pain with little value.

Very happy with Daedalus Audio DiD’s. On smaller components run three, where a big amp probably four or more. Everything I’ve put them under has made an improvement but under a transport the most noticeable, then tube preamp.

I heard a demonstration where different levels of vibration damping platforms and couplers manufactured by Symposium were employed under a cd player.  The first two levels brought improvement to the sound, but, the highest level of damping made the sound too lean and analytical.  This was the unanimous opinion of the people hearing the demonstration (including the representative from Symposium).

Here is a link to the (old) discussion of using Ikea Lack tables as support for hifi gear (pay special attention to the posts by caterham1700 - who owned Greater Ranges/Neuance).

If the construction notes/guidelines are followed you can expect excellent results (better than that of many of the commercial footers/platforms I’ve tried in the past)