vibration control - cd player

Hi all-

I've got a new Hegel Viking cd player here which is quite nice.  At the moment, it's sitting inside an Ikea cabinet.  The feet have a sort of small isonodes rubber piece. Is that sufficient?  Do I eventually want to invest in something like a Harmonic Resolutions platform?  Or the little EVP squares?  Or something else?  (A real audio stand is not an option in my very small room.)

Thanks for any advice.



No matter what you put your gear on rack-wise or any footers you will hear a change in the reproduction like cables you have to try them and see if what you hear is what you like. I've used many racks over the years and footers, the footers all gone, and my gear sits on the feet the product was designed for. BUT my rack and amp stand that I settled on after many years of experience has stayed now for 10 years. Nothing between my speakers but the amp stand rack on the other side of the room. 

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Trust the designer of the CD player and do not waste money to reduce vibration (in your brain). If you're that concerned ... find a rock or some weight and put it on the player

While I tried Stillpoints to rubber footers (half a dozen footers) under the Shanling ET3 Transport, it’s own solid rubberized footers worked best.

The Topping D70s DAC sounded superior with very small half round rubber footers.

I put nothing under my EAR 912 pre-amp either.

The EAR 890 amp receives the Synergistic Research MiG Sx footers, one up in front and two down in back, where there is solid metal (I adjusted the bottom plate so that the perforated sections were mostly in the middle).

I put nothing under my COS Engineering D1v DAC.  

The VPI TNT VI+ requires a Townshend Seismic SInk or something to eliminate vibrations from it’s poorly designed hard delrin feet. Yuck!