Vibration isolation or absorption?

You see those pointy things at the bottom of a speaker that are very very sharp.  Arguably a weapon in the wrong hands.  And then you see those same pointy things inserted into a disk.

So the pointy things, aka ‘spikes’ , can Channel vibration elsewhere and away from the components and speakers, or they can isolate it.

Seems channeling vibration away from a component/ speaker, which I guess is absorption, is preferable.

Is this true? And why do they keep saying isolation.



We've all been here before.  Over and over.  Look at old threads.


Concrete floor, especially laid on the ground - spikes

Suspended wood floors and most everyrhing else - decoupling.

From Clearthinker, above, it appears that I may have stumbled onto something correct, for a change. My audio space is on a slab, with carpeting over it. My speaker stands are connected to the floor via spikes, without any saucers. My speakers sit on small nylon isolation feet, mostly to protect the finish, but it appears they may help decouple the speakers, a bit. I find that this spike/squishie system works great until at higher volume my room acoustics screws everything up.

I think you can only hear a noticeable difference with isolation or not on a suspended floor. Concrete floors are much better