Victor TT 101 vs TT 81

I am aware of some of the differences regarding the motors of these two units, but I was wondering if anyone had insights as to the differences in sound (if any) and the differences in reliability (I'm guessing the 81 being simpler might be more reliable, however, it seems to have the better motor).  Any info will be appreciated.
After this thread died a natural death, I found JP Jones via this forum and via DIYAudio, as well.  JP gained fame among DD-philes by deconstructing the single chip that makes Technics SP turntables run properly and without which they don't run at all.  The chip is no longer available from any source, so JP is a life-saver of sorts.  JP's chip is constructed from discrete parts on a small PCB that is no larger than the original chip when it is mounted on its PCB.  What's more, JP's chip is a tad more accurate than the original in controlling speed.  Anyway, I contacted JP, and he fixed my TT101, nearly two years ago.  It's been running fine ever since.  I was not wrong in my hypothesis, sort of.  JP found a hairline crack in one of the PCBs in the TT101.  A line of solder covers the crack such that when the board was flexed it caused a short circuit that was nearly impossible to see or detect, unless you knew where to look, which JP did.  JP can be found on-line at Fidelis Analog, but alas he is apparently very busy these days.  Still, you could contact him and ask.
@lewm the situation went well for your TT101, the break of the pcb is deduced from what was caused? Old age, bad manipulation or something else?

If I’m non wrong I read something of the chip developed by JP for the Technics but if I remember correctly it was for the MK3 much more complicated than the MK2 .... I remember well?
Hi, best groove

It was a cut caused by a scrape that was under the solder mask, so a manufacturing issue.  Nearly the entire trace was cut, except one small corner at the edge of the solder filet, which cracked right at the very corner causing the intermittent connection.  

The MN6042 is used in every Technics table that has digital pitch control. You are correct - not the SP-10 MKII.    

A question:

Do I need a sound stage for QL-10 or TT-101? If I need what would it be the best?