Video lags behind audio - Help

I'm hoping our experienced members can help provide a fix for my problem - namely:

I hooked up my first ever home theater last evening and the video noticeably lags behind the audio on concert DVDs.


Sony DVP-S9000ES

Cary Cinema 6 Pre/Pro (Toslink digital audio input feed)

Bryston 9B SST amp

JM Lab Utopia in-wall loudspeakers

Yamaha DPX-1300 DLP projector (component video input feed)

Any and all troubleshooting suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Some DVD players and receivers have a feature just for that problem, so that you can alter the timing of the sound by small increments.
Check your manuals and see if there is an adjustment for the time lag problems.
are you routing your video through the pre/pro? some pre/pros have the ability to adjust the delay to link up you audio with the video. i know the anthem gear does. try that, if going through the cary piece doesnt help then contact the cary audio tech group, hopefully the pre/pro can adjust to make your mix tight, if not, take it back and buy an anthem avm 50. i am getting ready to sell my anthem avm 20 for an avm 50, let me know if you are interested in it.
The issue is within the TV set. Most DLP tv's have this issue.

If your processor does not have the ability of providing the Delay, you may be forced to run the audio into the TV and then back out as the TV manufacturers do provide the delay to synch the two back togther.

This also is the same for P/S 2, and NES gaming systems.
Thanks, guys, for all the suggestions. FWIW, the lag persists whether video goes first through the Cary or directly to the projector. The Cary has no "lip sync" adjustment. The Yamaha is a DLP, so perhaps it is the culprit.

Got more work to do on this one, but it's a good problem to have in the grand scheme...

I'll look into the Rane unit.