Video: noise floor and tweeter hiss, what do you think?

Recorded this video about noise floor and tweeter hiss:

Comparing Gryphon Essence to Dan D’Agostino Momentum.

Curious to see your suggestions and ideas.


Simple answer. This idle noise or hiss is usually from the pre-amp or amp having high gain. This can be knocked down by putting an attenuator on the cable going into the amp. All my systems are dead quiet and only a couple of times have I had to attenuate the signal. 

"... by putting an attenuator on the cable going into the amp"

Thanks for chiming in @russ69. Are you referring to the XLR (or RCA) cable? What does such an attenuator look like? Any links or pics you could share?

Would something like this work, or do we need audiophile grade?

FYI, the Gryphon pre + power has +49dB gain, the D’Agostino Momentum +59dB.

P.S. I switched my DAC between 0.6v, 2v and 6v; no difference. Disconnecting the DAC also makes no difference.

XLR or RCA but in a lot of applications the RCA has less gain so unless you have a long run an RCA cable will help a little compared to XLRs. A 10db attenuator usually is enough but each system is different. As long as you can’t hear it from your listening chair you are good. I’ve only used RCA attenuators but your link looks fine. To be more specific, it’s the gain, the noise floor, plus loudspeaker efficiency that are the things that add up to the noise level at the speaker.

A Discussion About Idle Hiss – Upscale Audio

Thanks for the link to the article @russ69 

My speakers are 94dB sensitivity. Combined with 49dB gain may very well be responsible for the hiss.

I do us a Puritan mains filter and good cabling, so I do not suspect the problem lies there.