Video: noise floor and tweeter hiss, what do you think?

Recorded this video about noise floor and tweeter hiss:

Comparing Gryphon Essence to Dan D’Agostino Momentum.

Curious to see your suggestions and ideas.


Hello Robert! I have a Nagra Classic pre, a Essence amp, high sensitivity speakers and I have hiss too :).

Of course I have more hiss if I turn on the 12db gais switch of the Nagra XD.

Did you fix your hiss?


Hiss is normal and fine ! it's the signal to noise ratio!  that number is a better indicator if one is worried and  if nothing is reaching the chair your golden.

@ramon74 turns out there’s nothing to fix. I can’t hear it at the listening position so it’s not an issue. It’s normal, even in ultra high-end equipment. 



Thank You for posting the link and trouble-shooting your system.


Happy Listening!