Vienna Acoustic Hayden grand or Polk audio lsi9

I would like to ask if anyone has experience with the two book shelf speaker mentioned. What did you like/dislike about each make? I am considering purchasing one of the two speakers mentioned. I am not in a location that I can compare either of the two and would greatly appreciate any input that you may have regarding the speakers characters. Thank you

Hi Pete,

I've auditions both of these speakers at different times. I prefer the Haydns by a wide margin. The bass on both speakers is good for a monitor; however, the bass on the Haydns has less boom and is more controlled. The polk's tweeter (vifa XT) is a great driver, but when I listened to them I noticed a lack of detail in the upper frequencies. I don't know if this was from the source or just poor implementation. I did NOT do a back to back comparison with identical equipment, so don't take these statements as fact. has a very critical review of the Haydns that is an interesting read. It just goes to show that different people like different things.

Finally, the finish on the Haydns is far superior in my opinion.

I've heard LSi9's a few times. I wouldn't say they have a lack of detail, they're just laid back.
Don't know if I would classify the sound signature of the LSi9 as laid back, I think it is more a lack of detail. If you listen closely, the treble is there but the mids are muddled by the poorly defined bass.