Vienna Mozart or Dali Helicon 400 with YBA

Dear Sir;

My system consists of: YBA Integre DT, Music Hall CD25.2 and a pair of old Kef floor standing speakers, Kimber PBJ IC, room size is about 3m x 9m (10ft x 30ft)

I am in the process of upgrading my speakers to either Vienna Mozart Grand or Dali Helicon 400. I have demoed Vienna Mozart and was very pleased by their warm detailed sound. My listening preferences are alomst exclusively to clasical piano music and some female voices/opera, but once in the blue moon, I listened to Kraftwerk, Hotel Costes, etc. I am looking for very detailed but not 'digital sound' (hence YBA). Also, it's nice to have some reasonable emphasis on bass but I don't listen to heavy metal or rock so it is optional. Most important timbre are: grand piano sound, female voice, violin, cello, and some Kraftwerk-like-electric-sound.

In any event, how do you describe Dali speakers vis-a-vis Vienna? I read some review on Dali and many said they have a prominent bass. But I haven't heard of a single comment on Dali's treble and mid-range (while Vienna seems to have very nice treble and mid).

Any comment is welcome.
Thank you,

Can't help with a comparison to Vienna speakers, but I own Dali Helicon 400s. They're the front L and R pair of a 7.1 set up in a 13' x 17' x 9.5' room.

Regarding their treble and midrange, I would describe them as being very sweet and smooth, yet very detailed at the same time. On their overall performance, I think they are well balanced top to bottom, are detailed at low listening levels while just as detailed and comfortable at higher listening levels.

IIRC from temporarily listening to them in stereo, before I got the 7.1 set up in place, they may be a little rich at the bottom end. Now, I have them crosssed over at 80Hz to a sub, so I have no recent experience on which to comment on the low end of the 400s per se.

Bruce -

Yeah, your remarks on Dali Helicons are quite consistent with my images of them. I guess I just have to audition them and see what I actually 'feel' those outstanding qualities.

At any rate, thanks for your comments.
I just auditioned Dali Helicon 400 today. The whole setup was for home theatre (all Krell equipment), so it was rather a vague experience to say the least... It appears though, that the treble and mid-range are very smooth(though maybe a bit bright), and, as many people say, the bass was boomy. It was 'high-fidelity' alright, but not my liking. I will probably go either Vienna or Triangle.